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by:Aliya, Gigi, Alison, and Anna-lisa!Introduction
The coral reef is a very large eco-syestym. Many plants and animals live in the coral reefs of our world. This page is full of resourceful information about diffrent types of coral, things that live on coral, and fish and critters that live in coral reefs.

The coral reef is endangered because over 1,000 people pollute it every day and that is bad for the coral reef environment. all the water will turn into a toxic waste facility and all the plants will die and then the little fish will die because they don't have any food then the big fish die because they eat the little fish and they died and on and on.

This is our coral wordle!

A there are all diffrent types of coral some of them are:
sea fan corals, muskroom corals, orangecup coral, staghoran corals, reef building corals, finger coral, brain coral, piller coral, star coral, lettuce coral, and elkhorn corals.

wiki_wordle_coral_reef.gifBelow is our food chain coral_reef_web.gif

Animals in the coral reef ecosyestym
Little fish

Some of the non-living things in the coral reefs are...

Plants in our ecosyestem are...
sea weed

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human interactions, coral and other fun stuff too!

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Human interaction
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This is a picture of coral from the inside Did You Know?
ral is made up of sevral dead things on the bottum of the ocean.

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