Yuko Shimizu- Person Who created Hello Kitty!

By- Caroline, Gigi, Grace S, and Aliya!

Hello and welcome to our Yuko Shimizu learning Center ( for all ages ) Here is a fact to get you started: Yuko Shimizu invented Hello Kitty on November 1st 1974.

Yuko Shimizu lived in Chiba Perfecture, Japan, after graduating from Musahino Art Univerrsity she decied to create a store to sell her characters and realesed it in 1974 naming it Sanrio! Since retiring form Sanrio in 1976 she has been working as a freelance desginer!
Sanrio, a japanese design company, headed by Shintaru Tusji decided to put cute images on their stationary!
Yuko Shimizu is a Desginer who created Hello Kitty, Angle Cat Sugar, and Rebecca Bonbon!


Sanrio is doing well this year, unlike most stores and if you look around our school lots of people like Hello Kitty and have alot of Lunch Boxes, clothes, and alot more things that have to do with Hello Kitty! Quarton Loves Hello Kitty (most of Quarton)
external image Hello_kitty_wordle <- look at our wordle