Martin Luther King Jr. was a very important man who worked hard to earn equal rights for everyone in America. Because of King's work the United States will swear in our first African American president today. Many people thought this would never happen. Barack Obama believed that he could do it and he succeded. President Obama believes that everyone can do something to help make the world a better place.

Each of these men are just one person, but they have brought great change to our country and the world.

1. Listen to the song above called "What can one little person do".

2. After you listen to the song, post one thing that you will do to make the world a better place. You can type your idea or add it as an audacity file or even a flip video.

3. Please rememer to write your first name only next to your post if it is not a flip video.

I will receycle every can and bottle that I drink, I will also recycle bottles around the house.
I will use less paper by using the front and the back of the page to help save the trees. - Jacob v.

I will You can take a short shower instead of taking a long one.
~ Grace Sherbin
I will recycle and walk to school

Ride my bike or walk if it is a short dictance from my house. ~johnny

I will turn every thing off in your house ( if you are not using it) and you can help save the trees by using less paper!- Caroline

Ride a bike and bye more of the swerily light bulb that save electricity. ~ John

One person can do a lot of small things that will help the earth a lot! Maybe you could join a protest group against land fills and global warming. Or just join a help the polar bears association.~Grace Murray
Overall around 6.7million tonnes of food waste is produced by households in the UK - that's about a third of our domestic waste.

A lot of people are concerned about the amount of packaging that we have to deal with, but in reality the amount of food wasted by households in the UK is even greater. Food waste is a terrific resource that can be composted to make a great soil improver as well as fermented to make an environmentally friendly fertilizer. However, care needs to be taken with some types of food waste and not all of it can be added to the compost heap at home. They have a group that is called proud to support love food hate waste.

I will turn off all electronics when I'm not useing them to stop globel warming and so I don't waste electricity. ~Connor