A biography of Thomas Jefferson
By John

I hope you learn alot about Thomas Jefferson.
He did alot for our country.
He also was a great man. 1743-1826

Thomas Jefferson`s childhood
1.) Thomas Jefferson was born to Peter and Jane Randolph. April 13, 1743.
2.) He grow up in Albermarle Virginia. Where his family owned a big farm with 5000 acres of land.
3.) When he was young he loved to read and explore in the wilderness the area surrouned by his farm.
4.) In 1757 when Thomas was 14 Peter Randolph died. Jefferson`s Dad.
5.)His moms last name before she married was Jefferson. So Thomas Jeffersons last name came to be Jefferson.
6.) He went to a college called William and Mary in Virginia`s Capital in 1760.
external image 466827649_34353339ea.jpg
This is a Picture of the college William and Mary.

Thomas Jefferson as a man
1.) His first job was being a lawyer.
2.) His second job was as a inventor. One of the things he invented was the lightbulb.
3.) He married Martha Wayles Skelaton. He toke her to the Mountaintop Home Monticello.
4.)He wrote of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.
5.) In 1796 he became the Vice President for John Adams. 1796-1800.
6.) He Finally became President in 1801and Finished in 1809.
7.) His first vice President was Aaron Burr.
8.) His 2nd vice President was Geroge Clinton.
external image thomas-jefferson-big.jpg
This is a Picture of Thomas Jefferson.

Fun Facts
1.)Thomas Jefferson died the same day John Adams died. July 4, 1826.
2.) Thomas was our Nations 3rd President.
3.) Thomas`s face is carved on Mount. Rhusmore. With three other Presidents.
4.) There is a Momoial after Jeffersons name called the Jefferson Memorial. In Washington D.C.

external image mount%20rushmore.jpgThis is a picture of Mount. Rhushmore.
Thomas Jefferson`s Head is Between Washingtons`s and Roosevelt`s Heads.