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By:Aliya R. & Grace S.


  • Who Invented Softball?
    Goerge Hancok invented Softball.
  • Where did softball start?
Softball started in Chicago!
  • What day did softball started?
Softball Started Thanksgiving day in 1887!
  • How did they first play?
When they first played they had to throw a boxing glove and some one would hit it with a pole.
  • When was the first Softball game and who played in it?
Yale and harverd played the first game September 16, 1887.
  • Where was Softball first played?
It was played in a gym on Thanksgiving day because it wouldn't have been played in a stadium because Softball isn't a major sport.
  • Why did Hancock pick a big ball instead of a smaller ball in Softball?
Females don't have the hand-eye coordination that Males do.
  • Is a Baseball pitch or a Softball pitch harder to hit?
Softball pitch is slower that is why it is harder to hit.
  • How big is a Softball?
It depends on what league your'e in
coach pitch 10 inches
minors 11 inches
majors 12 inch and so on

  • Do you need a bigger mitt to play Softball than to play Baseball?
Each mitt is designed for that particular sport. The major difference is the size of the pocket. A Baseball pocket happens to be much smaller than a Softball pocket.
  • How big are Softball diamonds?
It can be any size, it depends on the requirements, for the bases, and the pitching mound.
  • What day was George Hancock born?
George Hancock was born on March 6, 1906. Softball was invented in 1887 so George Hancock could not have been born in 1906.
  • When did Softball become an olympic sport for women?

The first Olympic softball competition was at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta. The United States won the gold medal, China won silver, and Australia won bronze at the 1996 Olympics.




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