Simple Machines- Screws


Please click on this link to a video!

external image screwlid.jpg
Hello, welcome to Simple Machines learning center! Hopefully you will learn alot! Do you knowthat a screw is also a inclined plane wrapped around a shaft. The screws main use is to fasten to hold objects togather.
Explample- To close and open a jar, to turn in a spinny chair.

Please see link to look at a clip of one of the many tpyes of Screws. This is were we got most of the Infromation. Also there is a lot of good info.

There are many different tpyes of screws you are promblely thinking of screws like you screw a screw in to wood. But there is alot more then that...
like a screw as in a road
Corkscrew on a wine bottle
As in a screw on water bottle
Drills - drills screws into wood external image brace.jpg(below) this one is old

The sprail that wraps around the long part of the Screw is called an Inclined Plane. Another word for a Inclined Plane is a thred.