Our Rainforest Ecosystem

There is three main Rainforests and they are called the Congo, The Amazon, and last but not least the Southeast Asian rainforest.

What we need too do:
Some people want the rainforest to die. But the good news is that other people want the rain forest to stay healthy like my group. So those who want the rainforest to live, please form a group of people and just maby the rainforest could become a better place.
Hear are some animals that live in the rain forest down below...

  • Humming birds
  • Tapir
  • Red ibis
  • Salty headed parakeet
  • Tree frog
  • Macaws
  • Tangers
  • Monkeys
  • Jaguars
  • Sloth
  • Lucien

Animals: Scientists estimate that there is about a hundred million different species in the rainforest .
The people: The people that live in the rainforest hunt for there own food. That means they have to go deep in the rainforest to hunt.
How the people dress: They find things in the forest and use them as clothing. They kind of color there bodys with some weird paint.
Some Bacteria in the rainforest is still undiscovered.
The rainforest has more than 100 inches of rain per year.
The plants in the rainforest almost never stop growing becuase of the heat and all the rain.
The heat in the rain forest suprised me. It is only 75-80f
The most rain ever recorded was 140 inches.
Human Interactions
Us humans have done bad things to the rain forest and they ignore the consequences.
Forty years ago the rainforest covered 14% of our earth but now it covers 6%. See what I mean.

The tallest tree in the rainforest is 150 meters. That's a big tree.
The plants in the rain forest almost never stop growing because of the heat and all the rain.
The rafflesia is the worlds largest plant. It is 1 meter across

toucan human interactions

Rainforest floor
Soil can reach 3in.- 4in.
The leaves and the canopy makes the rainforest floor layer.
The rainforest is very hummed, however their is constont shade on the floor.
The rainforest is where decomposition takes place.

Rainforest mountains
The mountains in the rainforest are very tall they are 1200-3000 feet tall.
The mountains in the rainforest are full of life. Millons of plants and animals live in the high peaks.
The biggest mountain in the rainforest is 1622 meters tall
Sun-Plant-Bug-Tree frog-Toucan
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