Our Ocean Eyosytems
By Caroline, Grace, Sophie, and Grace
The ocean ecosystem is an ecosystem that can be located in a few places in the world. There are non-living and living things that make up the ocean ecosystem.

The average temperature is 39 degrees F and 3.8 degrees C. The average surface temp. is 62 degrees F.
The smallest ocean in the world is the Artic ocean. The biggest is the Pacific.

Facts about animals and plants

Do you know that starfish have hundreds of mobile feet under their arms and legs which tranpoarts them and lets them hold on to plants, rocks and other things?
Do you know that the Weddell seal can dive as deep as the Empire State Building which is 1,553 feet?

Do you know that starfish are supposed to be called sea stars because they are not fish?

planktinexternal image squid-1.jpgexternal image sharks013.jpgexternal image fish_4.jpg
Jelly fish

Found on google images

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coral reef
sea dates
under water grass
sea urchins

Living Things
in our ocean ecosystem
There are a lot of specific living things in the ocean ecosystem,
but we are going to name the basics.

1.Fish of all different shapes and sizes
2.little sea animals like planktin
3. plants like seaweed or coarl reef
4. Sharks of big and small
5. sea dates that live on rocks
6. Stairfish that live on the sand

Non Living Things in our ecosystem
There are a couple of non living things in the ocean ecosystem.
1. gravel
2. sand
3. salt
4. water
5. rocks

cute sea animals

If you want to see
all the cute sea animals
we are killing, click on the link above

Our ocean powerpoint

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