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Types of machines with pulleys:





Flag poles

sail boat

Clothes lines

Resource was the simple machines learning site

Pulley video

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Pulley Fun Facts

They pulley is made up of a wheel and a rope.
The rope fits on the groove of the wheel. One part
is attached to the load. When you pull on one side of the pulley
The load will move. Pulleys let you pull or move thing up,down, sideways.
Pulley: A wheel that usually has a groove around the outside edge.
This groove is for a rope or belt to move around the pulley.
Pulling down on the rope can lift an object attached to the rope.
Work is made easier because pulling down on the
rope is made easier due to gravity.
Flag Pole, Crane, Mini-Blinds
Resourse: Edheads and simple machines learning site

More cool fun facts about The Pulley
The pulley systems are used in the
Game on the link.