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Soical Studies

My Photo Story on Boss of the Plains

maxPhotoStory1.wmvmaxPhotoStory1.wmvMax's Boss of the Plains photo story

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Chippewa Indians

Location: Most of the Chippewa Indians in Michigan lived in St. Mary, Michigan.

Where They Discovered: The Chippewa Indians discovered all of the UP and some of the

LP did you know that they were the only indian tribe of the "Three Fires" to discover

both pennunslas.

Clothes: All of the Chippewa women wore dresses with removible sleeves. Everyone

wore moccasins, which are Indain shoes made out of buffalo skin. They also wore

ponchos or cloak in bad weather. The most traditional piece of clothing was a leather

head band. Some Chippewa mostly men wore tattos. The source of Chippewa

blankets were shrubs.

Food: The Chippewa ate four main types of food which was; wild rice, maple sugar (which sounds the

best) berries and fish.

Hunting: The Chippewa only hunted in November they usally hunted ; Bills, Buffalo and deer.

Homes: The Chippewas live in birchbark houses called Wigwams and Buffalo hide skin houses called tipis (tee-pees).

Religion: Some Chippewa were Chirstians.

Mahatma Gandhi


Auto-Bio Poem:

Who is; happy, not a picky eater,
fun and athletic
Son of Peter and Elizabeth Joelson brother of Cate Joelson
Lover of; sports, meat, playing with his friends and staying up late
Who feels; happy, proud and crazy
Who finds happiness in; playing football, tennis
and basketball
Who needs; entertainment, food and water
and summer vacation
Who gives; competiWHoWho Gives Joy and Happiness to his familyveness and happiness
Who fears being brain-dead

Who would like to see; people laughing and a
good old fashioned football game and comedy
Who enjoys; football, tennis, basketball and
Who likes to wear black or white Under amour
Resident of; 921 Suffield, Birmingham Michigan
“Toelsonn” Joelson


By Max Joelson

A boxes live can be fun seeing different places, But just imagine all the packaging and all the small spaces.
“Jesus” said the box “What is with the tiny spaces” “Yes” the agreed Max the oldest and the wisest of the boxes. “Plus I am holding a bunch of gravel, It is so heavy it feels like eleven elephants edging at ends and one-thousand table spoons of tea.” “It is very difficult to be me. “Where are we” said Hashem the youngest of the boxes. Max paused, and though for a moment. “Newberry, Michigan” said. Suddenly the truck stopped . The UPS driver came in sight
And pulled out Sara, the box the talked the most. Hallajuelah! said the boxes. Then all the boxes fell out.
Apparently, the driver didn’t shut the trunk all the way. After, a bunch of kids picked up the boxes and played with them. And they were happy.

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By Max

Silver is as slick as the night.
Silver is as pretty as the moon.
Silver reminds me of sneaky.

Silver is sly.
Silver is sneaky, shy and misunderstood.
Silver is 2nd Place.
Silver is Metal.
Silver is the color of nickels, dimes and quarters.
Silver is the color of slick.
Silver is the color of some metals in the army.
Silver is Christmas.
Silver is bells.
Silver reminds me of the night.
Silver is one of the colors of the Olympics.
Silver is the sky.
Silver is Zeus.
Silver is the Microphone.
Silver is the color of the clouds on a stormy day.
Silver is the thing that makes us value each day.
Sliver sometimes is the color of rings.
Silver is the color of platinum.
Silver is of Fierce.
Silver is the color of fish.
Silver is a sparkling lake in the night.
Silver is a cold color.
Silver is cool.
Why is Silver, not here to live?
If it was what would it do.
Some people think it will sing.
Some people think it will dance.
What will it do?
Will it be friendly?
Will it be lean?
Silver is a bird singing in a tree.
Silver is me.
That concludes this poem just keep one thing in mind…
Silver will never roam.

By Max Joelson

Once in Providence, Rhode Island, there was a porcupine named Pollard and a jelly fish named Chicago. One day Pollard and Chicago was walking down Weck Street and notice a lady was crying. “Let’s see what is wrong” said Pollard “That would be nice” agreed Chicago. So they walked over to the lady and said “What is wrong?” The lady replied “I lost my watch she said” “We will help find it” said Pollard “Yeah” agreed Chicago. So Pollard, Chicago and there new friend Neola was walking down Weck Street looking for the watch. Then Chicago got smart, “Neola” Chicago asked, “do you remember what your watch looked liked?” “Yes it was gold and it had diamonds right around the clock part of it.” “Good” replied Pollard, “now we have an idea of what it looks like”. “Where do you think you last left it?”Chicago wondered “ I think down by the park, it might not be there though.” She said as she sniffled. “Okay I think we should check by the park” Pollard said “But there is a chance that it might have been stolen” “Yeah” agreed Chicago “but let’s go check there anyways.” The three of them went down to the park, “My watch!!!!” screamed Neola at a ear piercing level. “Thank you” Neola said. “No problem” said Chicago, “Yeah no prob” Pollard said “I am happy to help”


Tomas and the Libary Lady

Tomas was riding in the car.

Tomas arrived in Iowa and started playing

Tomas's grandpa (Papa Grande) told him stories

Tomas went to the libary and got a cold glass of water then he read

Tomas checked out a book and brought it home then he started reading the story to Papa Grande

Tomas went to the libary for a couple of weeks and tought the libary lady spainsh

Tomas went home to Texas

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