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Q1:What would happen if Marvin's family died? Marvin would feel; mad, sad, doubtful, bitter, unhopeful, sorry, fearful, discouraged.

Q2: Can you name the charecters:Marvin,dad, mom, little sister, big sister,mr. murray, jean louis,lumberjacks.

Gone away to the land of snow, family left behind.
I want to know if they are alive or if they had to go
with the flow. Home land engulfed desiesd marvin starts to sniff,sneez and wheez.
Meets a lumberjack and begeins to please that his family will not fall into the weeds.
Will family be burred deep in the ground or will be greting him in a cheer sound.

Book two:"The Last Dragon"
Q1:can you find a possible solution to finding dragon eyes?