Talented, picky, athletic, tall
Son of Joseph and Sara, brother of Sophie and Anna
lover of candy, sports and T.V
Feels clumsy, small, willing
Who finds happiness in sports, candy and T.V
Who needs food, exercise, and water
Who gives love, hugs, and fun
Who fears JAIL, the great depression and breaking my leg
Would like to see Mt. Rushmore, Mt. Logan, and Hersey Factory who likes to wear shorts and a T- shirt
Resident Birmingham half moon road

Blue is the color sea
Blue is the color of a summer crane
Blue is a cool color
Blue is like a summer pool
Blue says “I can see the sea from the sculpture of me
What bad about blue besides it being blue
Blue is the color of the wolverines
Blue is the color of a summer breeze
How can you not like blue
It’s like a mystery in a color
Blue is like a summer color
Blue is my favorite color


Dawson, Yukon Territory, Canada [Autosaved].ppt