wheel and axel
wheel and axle title image
wheel and axle title image

Hi this is Group #5. We are doing a report on wheels and axles. Here is a video of a wheel and axelWheel & Axel video.
Wheels and Axles Are levers that Circle a around a middle point or fulcrum. The bigger wheel (or outside) circles around the smaller wheel (axles). It helps us turn an object and make it easier to move an object across a surface.
Here are some examples of wheel and axles:

  • Tire on a car,
  • Whell on a cart,
  • a Lawn mower (has a wheel and axle in it).
  • The wheels on a bike
  • A steering wheel
  • A globe
  • A toilet wheel
  • Toilet paper holder
  • And the wheels on a wheel chair
Here is a video that we made about Wheel and Axles. A wheel and Axle can be a screwdriver. The handle is a wheel. It is not multiplied a lot. If you have big hands to grip a very wide- handle screw driver it would be very easier to turn a screw.

About wheels and axlesWheels are connected to a rigid pole witch is called the "Axle". Like in a car there is a Steering Wheel and that is connected to the two Axles(rigid poles).

external image CattleWagonWheels.jpgThese wheel and axles are wooden but the ones on your cars aren't. These wheel and axles came from a old pioneer wagon that some one tore apart. The medal square like things were connected to the wagon but now the axles control the wheels on todays cars. The Steering wheel is connected to the axle and thats how the wheels on cars move.