Hello my name is John F. Kennedy, the son of Joseph Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald, I was born in Brookline Massachussets on May 29th 1917. My Great Grandfather Patrick Kennedy emigrated to America from Ireland in 1849. My Grandfathers Patrick Joseph Kennedy and John Francis Fitzgerald were important political figures in Boston. I guess you could say I was destined to be a politician.


In 1940, I graduated from Harvard University, shortly after I joined the US Navy in 1941. In 1943 I suffered a back injury in battle and was sent home. As a member the Democratic Party I won election to the house of representatives in 1946, while in congress I was in favor of progressive taxation. In 1952 I had arrived, I was now a United States Senator.


A year later I married Jacqueline Bouvier of New York who went on to be the most famous first lady of all time, we had four kids, only two lived. My son John Jr. and my daughter Caroline. While recovering from back surgery, I wrote my award winning book, Profiles in Courage. In 1960 I decided it was time, so I ran for President against Richard Nixon and I won!!! My vice president was Lyndon Johnson. I was also the only Roman Catholic president ever elected. One of the things I am most famous for is my inaugeration speech when I said on that cold wintery day " ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country". I also invented the peace corps which still exists today. Unfortunately, I was a wartime president during Vietnam and I also brought us closer to nuclear war with the Soviet Union during the Cuban missile crisis.

In the end, I was warned repeatedly not to go to Texas, but I went anyway. There in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd 1962 I was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald from a window in the Texas Book Depository. I died at Parkland Memorial Hospital later that day.


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