John and Matt`s ottawa indian tribe wiki page

Here are some great facts that me John Luttman and Matt Roskiewicz will give you about a Michigan indian tribe called the Ottawa tribe.
Hope you enjoy our page and learn a lot.

Some Ottawas seattled at Little River Band. Between the cities of Manistee and Mason.
And some Ottawas shared Grand Traverse Bay with the Chippawas.
The Ottawas seattled at Little Traverse Bay as well.

Ottawa indans didn't live in tepees the lived in villages of birchbark houses called wigwams.
Some Ottawa indains used different dwellings to survive different environments.

Ottawa women wore long dresses with detachable sleves.
In the Winter Ottawa women they wore robes out of rabbit skin.
The Men would either walk around naked or wear robes.
Even in the cold weather and in Battle they would wear the same thing.

Ottawa people were farming people. The women grow crops such as beans corn and squash.
The men would go out in the forest and hunt for deer. The men would also hunt for fish in their canoes.
Some others foods the Ottawas ate were bread and soup.

Ototawa aritists were known for usfull bead work and making baskets.
Olttawa warroiors and hunters used arrows and clubs and hided sheilds. Owttawa fisherman used bone fish hooks.