This is Jacob V's Page

my wiki pages

Verbs page This is a verb page my group did

The lever page This is a page we did about levers

Social Studies

final copy of brouchere.pub This is a brouchure I did about the Northeast region

Chapter 1 a robbery occurs.doc This is a story I wrote

This is my pen pal letter

This is my legend

This is my letter to Obama

My Autobio poem

dimand poem.doc My diamond poem

Silver.doc My color poem

I just read an amazing book called No Talking by Andrew Clements.doc This is my book review on No Talking


This is my water cycle powerpoint

For Fun

funny pictures.ppt This is a photo alblum I did for free time

These are my favorite pictures

?????external image bunny.jpg?????
external image arrow-up-red.png

external image wubbzy_partydecorations.gif

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