By John and Justin
We hope you learn alot about hockey.
It was really fun to research about this Sport and Subject.

1) Who were the first original 6 NHL Hockey teams?

They were....
Detroit Red wings, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs,
Boston Bruins, Chicago BlackHawks, and the New York Rangers.
These teams all formed before 1926.
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2) The 3 teams that have won the Most Stanely Cups?

Were the......
The Detroit Red wings with 11.
Then it's the Toronto Maple Leaf with 11 also.
Then we have montreal with 23.

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3) How many teams make it into the playoffs?

There is 8 teams from each conference.
8 from the West and 8 from the East.
There are 16 teams in all that make the playoffs each year.
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4) Who invented hockey and were they were from?

It was invented in the middle of 1850's.
By a couple of British soilders who.
who were from Nova scotia in canada.

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5) Who was the first NHL player to die?

The first player to die was Bill Masterton on Januray 13, 1968.
He fell on the ice hitting his head without a helmet.
He died 2 days later at a age of 29.
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6.) When did the hockey helmet rule come to the NHL?

They made the helmet rule in 1979
They did not have helmets for 62 years.

external image nike_bauer_4500_hockey_helmet_1-400-400.jpgexternal image 200711317404.jpg&usg=AFQjCNEpRWXLZPIJ9cVKAUUjpeNsrWc3bA

Our Resources were:
Wiki Answers
and google images