Helen Keller Learning Center

By Caroline Claar


Hello, welcome to my Helen Keller Learning Center! Helen Keller is a great role model today for both kids and adults because she was deaf, blind and mute. Not only was she deaf, blind and mute, she accomplished so many things that people today can't do even without having special needs.

Helen Keller was born on June 27th 1880 on an estate called Ivy Green in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Her family was very rich. She was not born blind or deaf but she did have the fever 19 months after her birth. Her disabilities were caused by the scarlet fever. At age six, her Mom and Dad got a Doctor who told them to vist Alexander Graham Bell who could help them. So Alexander told them to go to Anne Sullivan to help them. So they did!! But it still took a long time before Helen behaved. She hit Anne and threw things at her. Helen even locked Anne up in a room one day and Mr. Keller had to get her out by getting a ladder and she climed out of the window down to the ladder.

One day, Anne got permission from Helen's dad to move into the quest house in the garden. By living together, Anne was able to help Helen learn she cannot always get her way. Then she taught Helen what things were like. Like when she put cold water on her hand Anne spelled water. When Helen touched a doll Anne spelled doll. She fiinally learned that everything had a name. After a while, Helen could understand complete sentences.

Anne got Helen to speak using the tadoma method: toughing the lips of other people when they talk so she could feel the vibrations. Helen learned to read in English, French, German, Greek and latin in braille.
Helen learned how to write. She wrote letters to her parents and Dr. Bell. They soon got published! Everyone knew who she was. A few years later Helen Keller entered a school in New York to go to the Wright Humason School for the deaf.

Young Adult

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Helen had always wanted to go to college, to perpare she went to Cambridge School for young ladies, in Massachuetts. In this school, other girls could see and hear. Anne went to all of Helen's classes. After four years in school she was ready for college. Helen entered Radcliffe College in the fall of 1900. She was the first blind deaf person to ever go to college. One day an edtior asked Helen to write a book about her life. In 1903, her first book was published, The Story of My Life. Then Helen graduated from Radcliffe College in 1904 at the age of 24. She spent the rest of her life helping the deaf and blind. Anne stayed with Helen until Anne died in 1936. They were together for almost 50 years. Helen became a writer and a speaker even though she never learned how to speak as clearly as she wanted. Helen died in Connecticut at age 87 on June 1st, 1968.

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This is Helen graduating!