By: Graham Girdler
Grand Rapidsexternal image mapdata?CxVnrY8CHdjM5Pog____________AQwtZ62PAjXYzOT6QLACSJwBUgJVU2gBkAEHygECZW4

The Economy in Grand Rapids is currently hurting due to the
manufacturing problems of Michigan. This city has alot of
automotive and furniture industry. Grand Rapids is where the
first furniture association in America was formed in 1881.
Official seal of City of Grand Rapids
Official seal of City of Grand Rapids

This goup is called the FMA.
(Furniture Manufacturing
Assocation). This city is currently experiencing large growth in the
health care industry. There is alot of farming in the surrounding areas of the city.

Here are the weather averages in Grand Rapids each year.
Jan. averages for °F are 30 °F, for the average low is 16 °F.
The average high in Feb. is 32 °F, and the low in Feb is 17 °F.
The average high in Mar. is 42 °F, the average in Mar is 25 °F.
The average high in Apr. is 57 °F, and the low in Apr is 36 °F.
The average high in May is 67 °F, and the average low is 46 °F.
The average high in Jun. is 79 °F, and the average low is 56 °F.
The average high in Jul. is 83 °F, and the average low is 60 °F.
The average high in Aug. is 81 °F, and the average low is 59 °F.
The average high in Sep. is 73 °F, and the average low is 51 °F.
The average high in Oct. is 61 °F, and the average low is 41°F.
The average high in Nov. is 41 °F, and the average low is 31 °F.
And finally the average high in Dec. is 34 °F, and the average low is 21 °F.
Flag of City of Grand Rapids
Flag of City of Grand Rapids

Places of interest:
Some places of interest in Grand Rapids are the
Gerald R. Ford Museum, this is where he is buried.
Another place of interest is the Amway Grand Plaza
Hotel. Another place of interest is the Van
Andel Museum Center that opened in 1854. It is
one of the oldest Museums in America.
Location of Grand Rapids within Kent County, Michigan
Location of Grand Rapids within Kent County, Michigan

Wildlife in Grand Rapids
Animals in Grand Rapids:
bats,fox,birds,skunks,moles,and groundhogs.

Plants in Grand Rapids:

Bodys of water in Grand Rapids:
The only body of water in Grand Rapids
is the Grand River.

There are no landforms in
Grand Rapids.

The first large movie theater complex opened in Grand Rapids
in 1988. It had 28 seperate theaters!

Grand Rapids history goes back to the 1800`s.
Grand Rapids was founded May 1, 1826. Louis
Campua is the founding father. But 2,000 years ago
Indians wanderd in what is now called Grand Rapids,
and setteld along the Grand River in Grand Rapids. (This
happend in 1700 A.D.). Another 1,700 years, the first
settelers came to Grand Rapids. And they had peace with
the Indians. All the first settlers were animal trappers. They
traded animal fur so the indians wouldn`t attack.

Cities around Grand Rapids:
The cities around Grand Rapids are: Coopersville,Alpine,Belmont,
Grandville,Jenison,Culterville,Tallmadge,and last but not least North

Population in Grand Rapids:
The Population in Grand Rapids is 174,943.external image Whitecaps-Logo.gif
White:133,116, African American:40,373,
and Indian:1,454.

How people make their living in Grand Rapids:
People in Grand Rapids mostly make their living, making
furniture, making automobiles parts for the Big 3, and in the health care industry.
external image GrandRapidsFlight.jpg
Baseball: West Michigan Whitecaps, founded in1994,
Champions 96, 98, 04, 06, 07.
Basketball:Grand Rapids Flight, founded in 2004,
They have not won a Championship yet.
Hockey:Grand Rapids Griffins, founded in 1996
They have not won a Championship yet.
Football:Grand Rapids Rampage, founded in 1998,external image 2146.gif
Champions: 01.

Fun Facts:
Here are some fun facts about Grand Rapids.
Did you know Grand Rapids was the first city to
put fluoride in there water to prevent tooth decay?
Also in 2004 the Polar Express Movie was first shown.
The books author was from Grand Rapids. There are 14
colleges and universities in Grand Rapids.external image grand-rapids-rampage.jpg