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Social Studies

This is what makes Michigan unique!

This is a powerpoint of what I did when I was young in Michigan!
When I Was young in Michigan.ppt

This is a brouchure about the Northeast!
final copy of brouchere.pub


This is a powerpoint about the water cycle
Grahams Water Cycle.ppt

This is a page about the Polar Regions!
Polar Regions

This is a page about the Simple Machine the Screw!
Simple machine Screws

This is a diamond poem!


This is a poem about me!

This is a Legand that I wrote!
Legend of Trees.doc

This is a letter to my cousins in California
Dear Aunt Mary Ann.doc


This is a report on the Chippewa indians!
Graham's Chippewa page

This is a report about Grand Rapids!
Grand Rapids

My Music!

This is the Long Run

This is Viva la vida
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This is Disturbia
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This is the Cupid Shuffleexternal image Graham
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[ invalid file: 01 Bad To The Bone.mp3 ]

I love Spongebob! I also love Chowder! external image chowder.jpg
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My favorite things to do!
I like wachting TV
Playing Video Games
Reading a good book
and playing sports

I also like nicleback
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Wow wow wubbzy is sweet!
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