The Chippewa tribe webpage
By: Graham Girdler

The native American tribe the Chippewas lived
in many different places in America, here are
the places that they lived in America: the Upper Pennisulaexternal image wiscmap.gif
of Michigan, and in the Traverse City area.
They also live in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the
Southern part of Canada.

The type of Homes they live in:

The Chippewa Indians lived in two different types
of houses. The Chippewa who lived in the forest
lived in huts made of tree bark and strong branches.
These huts were called wigwams. The Chippewas
who lived on the plains lived in huts that were made
of buffulo hides. These were called tipis.external image michiganmap.gif
external image ojib3.jpg
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The clothes that they wore:

The Chippewa women wore long dresses
with removeble sleeves. Men wore breechclothes
and leggings. Everyone wore moccasins forexternal image 1106.jpg
shoes. Traditionally the Chippewas wore leather
headbands with feathers standing up on it. Also
sometimes the men shaved there head to have
a mohowk hairstyle.

The food they ate:
The Chippewas lived in many different places,
so they didn't all eat the same things. The Chippewas
who lived in the forest were mostly farmers, planting
wild rice and corn. They were also fishers, eating trout.external image 6843.gif
The Chippewas who lived on the plains were big time
hunters, most of there diet was buffulo meat.

The men and womens roles:
The womens role in the tribe was farming, taking
care of the children, and they were responsible for the cooking.
The men were hunters and warriors. Both participated
in story-telling, harvesting wild rice, artwork, music,
and traditional medicine. Most Chippewas speak english,
but some speak Chippewa language. This language has
complicated verbs with lots of parts. The Chippewas
also had their own religion, which is very complex.

Here is a power piont about the chippewa:
The Chippewa.ppt