Hi I'm Grace. I've got used to being called Grace M. Of coarse there are three Grace's in my grade. I love soccer I like playing football for fun. I play a lot of sports. I play soccer, snow board, golf, tennis, swimming and I sail but I don't know if that is considered a sport. My "moto" is "I like pie." My favorite color is orange and my favorite number is 13. I'm not at all superstitious. My soccer team is awesome and the people on it are soooooooo nice! There is one girl who is hilarious!! Her name is Anna Middiltin. When I get older, I hope to be a doctor. You should also look for me in the world cup.
My favorite word is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. (new-mono-ultra-micro-scopic-sili-co-volcano-cone-i-o-sis) As you probably figured out,Soccer is my favorite sport. I'm on a very well known travel soccer team called United. I looooove it. It is the best activity ever! When I play football, I'm always wide receiver. To tell the truth, I am really bad at throwing a football. My favorite football team is Pittsburgh. Go Steelers! I am hopeful that they will make it to the super bowl. Ya. I wrote "I hope they make it to the super bowl" before they won it!! First team to win six super bowl rings!! Thats right. I know, I know. I am kind of competitive. Why do I like pittsburgh? Well my Dad's whole side of his family lived there and my Mom's whole side lived there. Then they moved to Seattle then Massachusetts where I was born then here at Michigan. We have moved around a bit. I have been to 20 out of the 50 states in America. I have two siblings. A brother and sister named Jonathan and Kate. Jonathan is 18 and Kate is 16. And then there's me. I'm 9 and 3 quarters. Now Im ten! My favorite state that I have been to is either Colorado or Wyoming. I love those states because they have all four seasons and It has amazing hills for snowboarding. Some of my favorite things to do is run with my dog, play soccer and watch football on a rainy day. Or any day for the matter. Thats a little about me. I hope you learned a bit. Thanks for reading,
- 0gm02qua 0gm02quaGrace