Welcome to my Chippewa Learning Center!

Hello, my name is Gigi. This is the learning center that I created to learn about the chipppewa Food, Homes, and MORE!

Did you know?
  • Another name for Chippewa is Ojibewa
  • Ojibiwa means means "to pucker".
  • A theory is that the Ojibewa warriors would roast their captives until they "puckered" as a means of toture.
  • Another theory is that the seams of the moccassins "puckered up".

Their homes were called wigwams.
They lived in villages of birch bark houses.
The houses were domed shaped or circle shaped.


  • Women wore long dresses with removeable sleeves.
  • The men wore breech cloths and leggings.
  • Everybody wore moccassins for shoes.

The woodland Chippewas were farmers and ate rice and corn.
The plains Chippewas were big-time hunters, most of their diet
consisted of buffalo meat.

Customs and Culture-
The kids used to play hoop and pole.
The men would go spear fishing at night with torches at the front of birch bark canoes.
The Megis Shell was very sacred to the Chippewa people. This shell was used for bead work, jewelry, barter, and trade.
'Manomin' or Wild Rice harvest provided an opportunity to visit with nearby friends and relatives.
For a long time, the Chippewa people would tap maple trees to make maple syrup and sugar. They used this for trade and to eat.
The women were known for very complicated bead work on moccasins, leggings, and aprons.