Free slaves
Free slaves

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How it Started:
1. The Civil war started April 12 1861.
2. South American slavery states
declare there ended relation with
the U.S. and formed the Confedirate states
of America, led by Jeffferson Davis.
3. They fought against the fedral goverment.
Which was suported by all the states.

Civil War:

A civil War is a war beghtween a country and
Domestic politicall actors that are in control of some part
of the territory claimed by the state
It is High-Intensity
Conflect,Often Involving regular armed forces, that is sustained,
organized and large scale.
Resource Wikipedia

Disputes Of the slavery
Between the north and south

Were one of the leading causes
Leading to the Civil War.


How it ended:

With the surrender of the Confederate armies, beginning with the Army of Northern Virginia on April 9, 1865 at Appomattox Virginia, and the military occupation of the Southern states by Union troops.
RESOURCE: Wiki answers.

Civil War PPT.
Civil War.ppt

Civil War Fun Facts:
More Americans Died IN the civil War
From 1861-1865 Then In any other War Ever.
While these dates may define the period of War action,in fact the civil war
was the result of a long history of things as constitotional interpuration ,
economic, Ethics to slavery.

Abraham Lincoln:
Abraham Lincoln Was born Febuary 12,
1809 died April 15, 1865.
Abrham Lincoln was the 16th president Of the United Staes.
He successfully led the country through its greatest
internal crisis, the American Civil War, preserving the
Union and ending slavery. As the war was drawing to a close,
Lincoln Became The First American President To be assinated.