Hi, I am Aliya. Welcome to my page. My page has work or things I have done throughout the year.

here is a poem about chubby bubby the funny monkey and brothers.

<- here is my poem

Here are some letters to my penpal ellie
<- penpal letters

here is my letter to obama

<- dear Mr. Obama

Here is my persuasive essay to Mrs. G.C
<- My persuasive essay

Here is a word document on what i did last summer.

<- what i did over the summer 2007-2008

Here is a ppt. about me
<- my audobio poem

<- Here are my color poems
here is a ppt. on the water cycle
<- my water cycle ppt.

here is a ppt. on the coral reef

<- my coral reef ppt.

Here is a wiki page on the coral reef <-Click to see page

Here is a wiki page on wheels and axles <- Click to see page

What makes michigan unigue.insperation

Social Studies

here is a ppt. about stuff i did when i was young in michigan.

<- when i was young in michigan!

here is a ppt on dearborn michigan
<- dearborn michigan ppt.

here is my essay on michigan

<- my michigan essay


nouns and proper nouns learning center for all ages <-Click to see wiki page