puppies%205.jpgwelcome to my wiki page this is a pic of one of my favorite kinds of dogs it is a border collie I also like Golden retrievers
(Please do not edit anything) (Thank you)I hope you like my extra credit video about Rosa parks
A little bit about me
My B-day is May 30th
I have 4 people in my family my mom, my dad,me and My sister Kelsey. She is 13 her B-day is May 10th. I also have a gold fish her name is Lynn she is 9 years old as many of know.
My favorite color is green( I also like to recycle).
I love dogs so much my aunt has a dog named Buster. He is a golden retriever, he is 9 years old. He is a month older than me but in dog years he is 56.
My favorite food is steak, mac and cheese, strawberrys and rasberry.

I hope you like this worldle I made on animals and things I love.

external image how-to-make-rainbow-cake-015.jpg I love diffrent color cakes. and dog cakes

Dog Cake
Dog Cake
Cow Cake
Cow Cake
Baby Cake
Baby Cake
these are cakes they look so real

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Simple machine Screws.

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