1. land is dry
  2. land is earth
  3. land is soil
  4. land is dirt
  5. without land we would all fall into outer space
  6. Without land we would be drowning
  7. Witout land we would not be able to breath
  8. Without land we would starve to death
  9. we would not have school :)
  10. Without water there would'nt be any land animals
  1. water is wet
  2. most of our body is water
  3. we could not live without water
  4. water is the heathiest thing for you
  5. water is science
  6. The only animals that can live under water are sea animals because they have gills.
  7. there is slat water and fresh water.
  8. Michigan has five great lakes surounding it.
  9. water covors more then half the world.
  10. There are three oceans in the world.
  1. the water cycle