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The Report:
1). For 16 years (since 1964 to 1980 the soviet union have won).
The soviet union entered the cup Very favorable to win again,
And all but one medal since 1956. Though classed as ameutures
soviet players essentially played professionally.

The Report
2). The 1980 games marked the second winter Olympic games
were held in the small village of lake placid, located in upstate New York.
3). In front of the home crowd The U.S. Olympians Took home total of 12 Medals
Including Eric Heiden's Unprecedented (Unprecedented Means The First Time) Five Gold Medals
a new record for individual gold won a at single Olympic Game.
4). This Event was so miraculous Because They were seeded 7 out of 12 teams
The U.S.A. Team Had a surprising tie with Sweden 2-2 and a 7-3 victory over Czechoclovakia
And Finished 4 and 0 With 1 draw advancing the to the gold medal round.

Eric Heiden

1). A former American Long track speed skater
who won all of the men speed skating races.

Miracle On ice video
Miracle on ice video
Miracle on Ice Video