This is a wiki for the Desert. On this wiki there will will be vidoes, pictures, sound files, links and more, all about the Desert.


Living Things
There are many different living things in the Desert. There are lizards, snakes, birds, bugs and even somtimes mammals.

Here our some of the plants in the Desert:
Barrel Cactus
Beavertail cactus
Desert Christmas Cactus
Prickly Pear Cactus
Poison Ivy
Desert Willow
Smoke Tree
Stinging Nettles
Organ Pipe cactus (picture below)
external image 180px-Organ-pipe-cactus.jpg
This is a Wikipedia image.
Animal Tables

These are tables of animals showing what animal their name is what they eat and how big they are. Fill in the blank spaces.

Gila Monster


Up to 2 feet long
Thorny Devil

Primarely Carnivor

Up to 8 in.
Fringe Toed Lizard


Desert Horned Lizard

Primarely Carnivor

Average:3-5 in.
Spiny Tail Lizard

Primarely Herbivor

6 and a half in.

Primarely Herbivor

Desert Iguana

Primarely Herbivor

Spiny Lizards

Primarely Carnivor

Desert Night Lizard


Bearded Dragon


Westeren Diomand Rattlesnake
Up to 6 feet in length.
Coral Snake
Gopher Snake
Up to feet

Human Interactions

Some Human Interactions are.....
Building roads.
People are building nucliar reactors.
Overall the Desert isn't in much danger because global warming has no effect on deserts exept on Antartica which is a